Class: MaskData


Component for masked elements

Holds mask mode and temporary data about current mask

new MaskData (maskObject)

Create MaskData

Name Type Default Description
maskObject PIXI.DisplayObject null optional

object that describes the mask


_scissorRect PIXI.Rectangle

Scissor operation above the mask in stack. Null if _scissorCounter is zero, rectangle instance if positive.

autoDetect boolean

Whether we know the mask type beforehand

Default Value:
  • true

isMaskData boolean

Indicator of the type

maskObject PIXI.DisplayObject

Which element we use to mask

pooled boolean

Whether it belongs to MaskSystem pool

Mask type


copyCountersOrReset (maskAbove)

copies counters from maskData above, called from pushMask()

Name Type Description
maskAbove PIXI.MaskData | null

reset ()

resets the mask data after popMask()